15 January 2007

A Few Recent Emails

This post is a bit like that Perry Como Show bit, with the theme song, "Letters. We get letters. We get stacks and stacks of letters." Usually (maybe it was always) they were requests for songs.

But I don't sing. Or get stacks and stacks of emails.
Dear Mr Nyren:
Found your article on "Selling UD to Baby Boomers" extremely insightful, and am wondering where to find the next one on Homebuilders and "aging in place" ...
S. L.
Occupational Therapist & Accessibility Specialist
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Well … I changed my mind and decided not to publish it the web - saving it for the 2nd Edition of my book. But being such a nice guy (or a sucker for flattery), I emailed S. L. the draft of the chapter.
Hi Chuck,
I tagged your great blog today at SavvyHer.com, fyi
- Kare
Compliments will get you everywhere. Check out SavvyHer.com. It's free to join. You can win stuff. And Kare Anderson has an impressive background. I rummaged around the site, but couldn't figure out how she 'tagged' my blog. That's OK. Attractive women tagging me is what I live for - even if I don't know how they do it.
Congratulations! Your blog has been reviewed and is now active in the BlogBurst Network. This means your blog is now discoverable by publishers for selection and exposure to their audiences.
I applied for this a month or so ago. Since then, they've been puttering around my blog. I guess I made the cut. What this means, or how impressive it is, I'm not sure. A link to my blog might end up in a Reuters news story, on washingtonpost.com, and/or on a bunch of other traditional news sites. Who knows. Some bloggers think BlogBurst is great, others poo-poo it. If you have an opinion, let me know.

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