23 January 2007

Boomers Age with a Bang

Laurel Kennedy of Age Lessons has come up with some fun and slightly wacky - but not necessarily off the mark - predictions for products and services. For entertainment value I culled the wackiest ones - but check out the article for more down-to-earth prophesies:
Traditional retirement-friendly sports such as golf or tennis will get competition from throwbacks from the Beaver Cleaver era. Goofy "retro sports" such as tether ball, flag tag and even hopscotch will re-emerge on the streets and in "micro-developments," with cul-de-sacs dedicated to such activities.
Hopscotch at sixty? That would result in more than just an occasional scraped knee. I'd classify it as an extreme sport. Bringing back sling-shots and pea-shooters would be safer.

A couple of Madam Kennedy's prognostications were previously conjured in the crystal balls of futurists Brent Green and Yours Truly, complemented by the requisite incantations, waving of arms, and swaying of torsos (although for the general public we simply wrote them down in our books so we wouldn't scare anybody). Soothsayer Brent, for example, talked at length about Baby Boomers and their soon-to-be rekindled political and social activism in Marketing To Leading-Edge Baby Boomers, first published in 2003. A second edition was released last year.

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