16 January 2007

Baby Boomers and The Joy of Tech: Part One

Here's a press release from TV Land:
Having witnessed the tech revolution, Baby Boomers are willing to embrace and purchase today's emerging entertainment offerings … Baby Boomers have the numbers, financial means and desire to create their "digital nest" -- a place where new media technology is employed to create both a personal escape as well as an entertainment hub for family and friends.
As usual, I find it oddly ironic that all these very important marketing reports touting new insights simply back up what I've been saying for years. My book and this blog talk about Baby Boomers not being technophobes and having the money and the interest in new technology.

I wasn't the only one. Brent Green, Matt Thornhill, Dick Stroud, David Wolfe, Ken Dychtwald and others were also talking about it.

When my publishers, the book designer and Yours Truly were working on the layout two years ago, they thought that there should be a big quote from the book on the cover. I didn't want one. I like clean book covers (although I do adore the graphic).

They won - and they were right. Right because it's made this post a lot easier for me. You simply have to click the image on the right and read the results of TV Land/Latitude's survey before the survey was even a glimmer in their eyes.

In 2001, I was hired by a small ad agency to write three or four soft marketing pieces for an audio company's 5.1 surround system's 20-plus page brochure. Remember - this was five years ago - before home entertainment systems had caught on. Consumer big screens had been around for only a few years, sound systems connected to your television were just coming on the market. Part of the pitch was to actually sell the concept of home entertainment systems, of high-tech audio being a big part of your television and movie-watching experience. Today we don't need to do that.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my computer and found one piece that didn't make it into the final brochure. I knew Baby Boomers were going to be the major market for home entertainment systems, that they like stories, like to know everything - and I told some good stories. Just for fun: here's the world premiere of one that didn't make it into the brochure:
Foley Artistry
Sounds you don't notice unless they're not there.

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