03 January 2007


Here's a group email I sent out to my media/marketing/advertising friends:

Hi Folks,

After making a bunch of snotty predictions in my blog yesterday, it seems as if one of them has come true. I found an article about a web site -- and the web site knocked me out:


And most of you know how much I disdain most web sites for Baby Boomers.

It looks pretty good, is easy to navigate, has quirky, interesting graphics and articles. For some reason, I'm having problems playing the videos.

It's a web site with a personality. Yeah, the lead articles are standard fare topic-wise - but dig deeper into the collection of articles/blogs.

Remember, it just went up a few days ago - so we'll see where it goes from here.

The article: http://www.tonganoxiemirror.com/section/local/story/10138

And for the sharks out there - even though you smell blood, this isn't an invitation to circle. The person behind it all is a marketing exec for a newspaper company - so she probably has big, razor-sharp teeth of her own.

Tell me what you think.


And Dick Stroud has already blogged about BoomerGirl.com. (But that's not fair, since he's in England - eight hours ahead of me.)

Watch a video about BoomerGirl.com

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  1. Hey, Chuck, thanks for the link to Boomergirl. Didn't know about it until now.


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