01 March 2006

What kind of classic are you?

Clothing retailer, cataloger, and e-tailer (their word) Talbots has a new campaign:
The "What kind of classic are you?" TV spot seeks to connect with boomer females through a story of four women who gather for a reunion weekend to reminisce and share stories, with Talbots' wardrobes featured throughout.
I haven't seen the spots, can't read the copy on the graphic I've tossed up - but we get the general idea.

I have problems with personality profiling. (Lifestyle profiling, fine.) True or not, Baby Boomers think of themselves as individualistic folk - so if you market to them it's not wise to squeeze'em into little boxes, neatly (and presumptuously) defined.

Besides, what's Talbots selling, anyway? Clothes ..... or Baby Boomers?

You decide.

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