10 March 2006

Advertising/Marketing Article of The Month

Probably of the year:
Is Word Of Mouth All It's Cracked Up To Be?
by Jack Trout in Forbes

"How many people really want to chatter about products? Do you really want to talk about your toothpaste or your toilet paper? ..... This all brings me to my word-of-mouth on word-of-mouth marketing. It's not the next big thing. It's just another tool in your arsenal. If you have a way to get your strategy or point of difference talked about by your customers and prospects, that's terrific. It will help, but you're going to have to surround it with a lot of other effort, including, if you'll pardon the expression, advertising. You just can't buy mouths the way you can buy media. And mouths can stop talking about you in a heartbeat once something else comes along to talk about."
So what brilliant insights can I, advertising to Baby Boomers author, creative strategist, and blogger extraordinaire, add to this article?

.... Whoops. I've exposed myself. I can't think of a thing.

Update 4/4/06: Listen to Jack Trout, Steve Rubel, and others discuss WOM marketing on Jack Trout Radio.

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