23 March 2006

Intrepid Reporters Brave Anaheim

The Business Forum on Aging and Mary Furlong & Associates put on quite a one-day Boomers Business Summit last week. It was packed with three-days worth of speakers and panels, so attending was a bargain.

Read Bob Moos' piece in the Dallas Morning News:
Most of the entrepreneurs at the Boomer Business Summit were boomers themselves who have decided to pursue a new passion and reinvent themselves...
The nation's burst in entrepreneurship is being driven mostly by boomers, not by 20-somethings, experts say. Boomers and older adults account for 54 percent of all self-employed workers.
Also at the Summit was Kelly Greene of the Wall Street Journal.

Luckily for me, a piece I had written for Aging Today was in the current issue, so copies were everywhere. For a few days, I was an honorary member of "The Press Corps." All thanks to Paul Kleyman, the editor (pictured).

Who knows -- with such sterling credentials, I may now qualify for a White House press pass! (Although as far as I know there are no naked pictures of me on the web - even though I'm quite the stud.)

A PDF of the article, Why Advertisers Will Stop Ignoring Aging Boomers

And my book sold very well.

More posts about the Boomer Business Summit and ASA/NCOA Conference over the next few weeks.

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