30 May 2005

Thanks, AdRants

I'm truly appreciative of Steve Hall's mention of my book in his AdRants blog. I emailed him a press release and he not only tossed something up, but linked to Paramount Books.

AdRants could be touted as the advertising blog, but that somehow sounds rather blah and overblown. It's lots of fun, crammed with up-to-date info and insightful comments about the wacky world of advertising and marketing. A regular stop for me. From their web site:

Adrants was recently named best individual weblog on general marketing and advertising topics by industry publisher MarketingSherpa. The survey was conducted during the month of May with more than 800 MarketingSherpa readers examining and voting on 29 Blogs in six categories.

Other every day stops include Brand Autopsy. I love these guys, John Moore and Paul Williams. No B.S. No pulled punches. And funny.

Although the funniest and most outrageous ad blog around is Hugh MacLeod's gapingvoid. He's trying to get publishers interested in a book idea titled How to Be Creative. I wanna read it. But what I really want is a book of his cartoons.

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