30 May 2005

Give Me Flack

I have to do some positive PR for The Flack, Peter Himler's PR Blog.

Peter is one of those 'honest' Flacks (and remember, you're hearing this from an ad hack, so if you're a bit wary about trusting me…oh, well). Mr. Himler's irreverent musings are seasoned with more than a dollop of industry-deprecation (in his postings, he's not afraid to link to places like PR Watch).

An answer of his to a recent comment in his blog:
"There are many, many redeeming aspects of public relations. Richard Edelman (and I) believe that transparency in what we do will be the key to redemption for our industry's reputation. It is one of the reasons I'm penning this blog: to show how PR plays out in what we read and watch."
PR is in dire need of a crackerjack, no B*lls**t PR professional. Peter Himler is just the guy for the job.

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