18 November 2013

A Mishmash of Topics

ADD or multitasking? Whatever it is, you’re getting a mishmash of topics:

The newsonomics of the surprisingly persistent appeal of newsprint
by Ken Doctor
… It’s print subscribers — now being priced up and upsold into all-access digital plans — who are responsible for the only bright spot in newspaper revenue growth. Though 85-95 percent of these subscribers are staying through these rounds of price increases, only a minority of them actually use the newspapers’ digital products much. They like newsprint.

I wonder why…

15 April 2007
Positioning Magazines for Baby Boomers
There are active and passive parts of our day. Without getting into too much psychobabble, as you get older the passive side needs more nourishment. It’s not really passive. It’s focused absorption. At some point you have to climb out of your frenetic digital nest and concentrate on one thing. It might be reading a book, watching a TV show or movie, listening to music, looking out the window.

Or immersing yourself in a magazine.

Or a newspaper.

Late-life Metamorphosis
These boomers — born again as entrepreneurs — are the stars of their own second acts
By Hanah Cho
… For more than a decade, 55- to 64-year-olds have started more new businesses than any other age group, according to the nonprofit Kauffman Foundation, which promotes business ownership.

Sounds familiar. From my book ©2005/2007:

17 September 2009
Late Bloomer Boomers
CVRComp… Many of these folks are writing fiction and non-fiction, becoming graphic artists and photographers, and playing and composing music. And just as many are doing astonishingly creative things in the business world, often as entrepreneurs.

Another book you should check out:

Creating Results surveyed hundreds of 40+ American consumers (Gen X, Baby Boomers and Silent Generation members) to find out:

  • What turns them on — and what turns them off — when they visit websites.
  • How websites and social media influence their housing decisions.
  • imageTheir concerns regarding social media marketing and social networks like Facebook.
  • How attitudes have changed since the agency’s 2010 study.

The findings from this research have been collected in a new eBook, with analysis and insights to make your digital marketing more effective with Baby Boomers and beyond.


Marketing to Caregivers
By Andrew Kaufman
… By understanding the daily challenges and decisions that affect the lives of caregivers (and their patients), you’ll start to identify how your organization can address those needs in ways that strengthen your brand and increase your exposure among this influential audience.

AARP Sends a Thank-You to Caregivers
By Jane L. Levere
imageAARP and the Advertising Council are beginning a new advertising and social media campaign this week designed to illustrate the many roles caregivers play and to thank them for this assistance.

imageSounds like good ideas to me:

14 May 2010
The Daughter Trap
…What an appreciated relief it would be for a couple of major outfits to acknowledge and support caregivers.

Let’s hope I can focus next time around.