19 April 2012

Forever Young & Top Ten Secret Facts About Advertising

A couple of short videos worth your time:

Carol Orsborn takes AARP Magazine and rips it to shreds.  Actually, she doesn’t – but I didn’t direct her video or I might’ve suggested it.

Carol likes AARP and their magazine. She simply took issue with an issue – one with an ageist cover teaser and a few la-de-da comments in the  story.  Watch Don’t Defy Age. Embrace It:

Dr. Carol Orsborn

By sheer coincidence, or due to some mystical alignment of the cosmos, Carol’s video is a good companion piece to last week’s polemical take on the new Depend® campaign.  Ageism is rampant in advertising and media.

Another good video:

Barbara Hannah Grufferman on Anti-Aging

Culled from my book Advertising to Baby Boomers
© 2005:

advbbcoverContrary to popular myth, Baby Boomers do not believe that they are still teenagers or young adults. (Some probably do, but they need therapy.) Boomers are slyly redefining what it means to be the ages they are. Included in this new definition are some youthful attitudes - but the real change is that instead of winding down, many are winding up…

There is a big difference between thinking you are younger than you are, and not thinking that you are old. This “night and day” distinction
may confuse many pundits, but it does not confuse most Boomers…

The Ad Contrarian has tossed up a short video entitled Top 10 Double Secret Unknown Facts About Advertising:

The Ad Contrarian

Not only a companion piece to many of his posts (and new book), it complements a slew of mine:

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