23 September 2010

Which Comes First: Research or Insight?

Forrester Research/MediaPost has important news for us:

Boomers Ahead On Tech Curve Where It Counts: Their Wallets
image While Boomers are arguably less tech-savvy than younger consumers, they spend more money on technology, and on the Web, than any other age demographic …

Sounds familiar. Pull quote on the cover of Advertising to Baby Boomers ©2005:

coveradvbb“It will be the Baby Boomers who will be the first to pick and choose, to ignore or be seduced by leading-edge technology marketing. There’s a simple reason for this. We have the money to buy this stuff. Experts say we’ll continue to have the money for at least the next twenty years. Write us off at your own peril.

More from the MediaPost piece:

Boomers … are more reserved in their adoption of technologies and digital behaviors, but do in fact adopt technologies that play a role in pre-established behaviors.

Culled from Advertising to Baby Boomers (Page 161):


Read these folks:

IMMN Advisors/Thought Leadership

image Marti Barletta
Brent Green
Dr. Florian Kohlbacher
Kurt Medina
Hiroyuki (Hiro) Murata
Dick Stroud
David B. Wolfe
Todd Harff
Marilynn Mobley

They’ll give you insights years before spreadsheets will.

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