13 September 2010

Aging In Place, Universal Design Redux

Actually, it’s the culmination of recent activities and blog posts about and by the cutting-edge AIP and UD Thinkers and Doers:

image Universal Design As A Beginning, Not An End
I’ve been blogging about MIT AgeLab and Dr. Joseph Coughlin since 2006…


Marketing Universal Design
I was catching up on some of my colleague’s writing today starting with Laurie Orlov’s blog Aging in Place Technology Watch about Aging in Place as a Crisis of Opportunity for CCRCs . Laurie referred to a piece by MIT Age Lab‘s Joe Coughlin in his blog, Disruptive Demographics, called Should I Stay or Should I Go? These are both great pieces, sucking me right in the way the web does, ‘helping’ whole days to slip away unnoticed. This is time well spent.

image Baby Boomers & Universal Design

I have to admit – it’s nice to have nice things said about me by a gentleman who’s actually out there designing and building stuff.  The last thing I built was with Lincoln Logs.

image Finessing Universal Design for Boomers
It is so encouraging to see experts springing up in the blogosphere on Universal Design after decades of indifference.

Now we have a MetLife Mature Market Institute report in conjunction with Louis Tenenbaum:

MetLife Aging in Place Report
image I am pleased and excited to announce Aging in Place 2.0, Rethinking Solutions to the Home Care Challenge,  a report from the MetLife Mature Marketing Institute. The report describes Aging in Place 2.0, the extension of current aging in place to the dynamic and collaborative housing and care system I have long advocated in this blog. See MMI’s press release on the report.

image My thanks to John Migliaccio, MMI’s Director of Research and his colleague Darcy Defrancesco.  They patiently and professionally helped me shape my passionate ranting.

John Migliaccio.  I think I know that guy….

Download the The MetLife Report on Aging in Place 2.0 Rethinking Solutions to the Home Care Challenge September 2010

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