02 August 2010

New Site Renders Social Media Experts Obsolete

This cracked me up:

New Site Renders Social Media Experts Obsolete
by Jason Kincaid
image PR agencies and social media experts across the web, prepare to meet your match. This week sees the launch of ******.com, a website that can tell startups to “identify relevant and compelling hooks”, “humanise the brand by driving the audience conversations”, and combine a bevy of many other pleonastic words to forge taglines that are utterly and completely devoid of meaning. Free of charge.

In an earlier version of my business web site, I had this ‘pinned’ to the landing page:

post- it
Too bad this valuable service wasn’t available then.  But I’m bookmarking it now - in case I ever need to say nothing somewhere.
Thanks to Peter Himler for pointing me to the TechCrunch article.

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