16 August 2010

AARP Global Network

There’s a chapter in my book about AARP – although I never mention the organization.  I goof a bit on their B2B campaigns circa 2004-5.  Some of what I said:

AARP Targets Media Planners
image … The advertising campaign has one ad with ashen-faced Baby Boomers in body bags ("These days, doctors don't pronounce you dead. Marketers do."). Another shows Baby Boomers acting like testosteroned teenagers ("Outta the way, punks: older racers are the hot-rod kings!").Yet another has one of a middle-aged lady dead in a powder room (probably from overdoing it on the dance floor) with police chalk outlining her body. I don't know what the copy is because I haven't seen it. It's probably something like, "Give me wrinkle cream, or give me death!"

And I wasn’t enamored with their food fights, balloons and dancing gorillas.

I admired their Chicken Coop campaign, but a new print ad is a visual and conceptual mess.  It looks much better on a computer monitor (no big surprise since it was designed on one) than it does when grainy and washed out in a recent issue of Smithsonian Magazine:

Why is it a mess?  I can only guess.

So now it’s time to be nice to AARP.  Here goes:

The AARP Global Network is one great resource.

image Global aging is a defining phenomenon of the 21st century. Does your organization have what it needs to creatively and efficiently achieve its social mission in this rapidly changing demographic landscape?

Good articles, good news section – all with juicy global perspectives. 

It’s also fun to follow the member links and visit other organizations that cater to and are concerned with aging issues.

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