14 January 2010

If you’re not up on apps …

image Dick Stroud is excited.  With the help of wise outfit MotherApp®, Mr. Stroud now has his own iPhone app - and a new blog to blog about it:

image Mobile apps for Baby Boomers
Everything you could want to know about mobile apps that are especially useful for ageing consumers be they Baby Boomers, Seniors, Matures, 50-plus or even oldies.

work I remember the thrill of HTML – and tossing up my first web page in 1996.  The second one even had an animated GIF!

There have been a few technological advances since then (although sometimes I wonder how ‘advanced’ they really are). 

From my book (page 161):


imageI have iTunes installed and an iPod is floating around here – but my phone is considered dumb. I don’t plan on sending it to Harvard anytime soon. 

However, a very brainy phone with a handful of advanced degrees lives here. Every so often yours truly and Dr. Droid have deep, rewarding, philosophical thumb-dances. Because I’m not nutty about mobile media, I have no idea if Mr. Stroud’s app would work on the thing. 

So bookmark Dick Stroud’s companion blog.  Or, if you have iTunes and one of those sassy iPhones, download the app.

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