11 October 2008

Connecting older people to the world

guardian Technology columnist Victor Keegan of The Guardian has a pretty good take on a few subjects I’ve been talking about for years:

victor_keegan Connecting older people to the world
Reared on rock'n'roll and the Spectrum or BBC computers, they are technically savvy with high spending power. Most have no intention of retiring quietly, a fact that technology companies are only just realising.

Pulled from the cover of the 1st edition of my book (March, 2005):







“Another new (website) aimed at older people is finerday.com, the owners of which have taken trouble to make it easy to use but have spoiled it with an entry procedure that will defeat most older people since it involves having to memorise a pattern of squares within a grid. No thanks.”

Dick Stroud has vetted finerday.com. I left a comment.

jitterbugdance And I’ve talked at length about a certain cell phone.  Here’s Mr. Keegan’s menacing prediction:

“Manufacturers had better turn over a new leaf soon or the wrath of the baby boomers will know no end.”

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