06 October 2008

Two Reviews

Financial Advertising Review

FAR Trying to reach Boomers? Author zeroes in on the challenges

Paramount Market Publishing, Inc.
, Ithaca, N.Y., has published Advertising to Baby Boomers, a volume of thought-provoking ideas for advertisers who seek to reach this ubiquitous market. Author Chuck Nyren identifies the viewing and reading habits of the 44-to-64 year olds who control an increasingly large proportion of the nation's discretionary spending. He offers examples of how advertising fails in its efforts to reach this demographic - then explains why. The book includes provocative challenges such as this: "If you start telling us why we need something, an impenetrable B.S. shield goes up. We won't listen."

Healthcare Advertising Review

HAR Book has fresh approach to Boomer marketing

Author Chuck Nyren shares his insights about marketing in his book, Advertising to Baby Boomers. This demographic, he says, has needs and interests that require a different style of marketing than do younger age groups. Among his observations: Boomers typically have longer attention spans than younger audiences, and they respond better to factual information than to a "hard sell."

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