18 October 2008

Vibrant Nation & Blyth Times

A few days ago Peter Himler sent me a link to a blog post about VibrantNation.com:

We Don’t Need More Social Networks. We Need More Purposed Social Networks.

vn It’s not a social network where you make friends and share pictures and videos and write on each other’s walls …

My good friend Carol Orsborn is involved with VibrantNation.com:

corsborn The social network for affluent boomer women (generally over 50) launched in January of this year and has been in an advanced beta or quiet stage of growth since. While its membership numbers are still in the “low thousands” according to CEO and founder Stephen Reily, the site is about to hit a fast growth period with the relaunch and some new strategic content efforts, including the addition of Boomer Marketing expert Carol Orsborn as a senior strategist.

NostraChuckus predicted all this, of course.  Here’s a snippet from my book, Advertising to Baby Boomers:

myrna_blyth Yesterday Myrna Blyth emailed me about this and that – and my more-significant-than-I-am other leaned over me, grabbed the mouse, and spent a good fifteen minutes sucked into Myrna’s new blog, Blyth Times

I sent Myrna a link to VibrantNation.com.

Are women over fifty taking over the world???  They seem to be taking over mine …

Update 11/16/08: Read Carol Orsborn’s blog at Vibrant Nation.

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