21 September 2008

Advertising/Marketing to Baby Boomers: A PowerPoint

HST After producing one for Dick Stroud and Henry Stewart Talks, Yours Truly finally found the time to slap together a presentation with narration – and toss it on the web.
I profile three campaigns/websites that offer diabetic products and services:
Liberty Medical
LifeScan OneTouch
Bayer Diabetes Care
I could’ve picked another niche industry – maybe travel planners, financial planners, health, active adult communities – but these three outfits were perfect marketing and advertising archetypes: Liberty presenting itself as down-to-earth and accessible, Bayer obviously targeting Boomers with a resonating message and very mannered, professional branding, and OneTouch positioning itself as the happy-face company.
The presentation is basic marketing/advertising to Baby Boomers. If you’ve been involved with this market for awhile don’t expect too many surprises. It runs about 45 minutes.
View The Presentation

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