30 September 2008

A few emails …


Hi Chuck,
thirdage My name is **** **** and I represent ThirdAge.com, a popular Web site for the 40-plus audience that was founded more than a decade ago. ThirdAge was one of the first companies to build a destination for baby boomers online that today receives more than 1 million unique visitors a month …. I would like to invite you personally to check out the new and improved ThirdAge.com. If you are interested in learning more about ThirdAge, or would like to speak to any of the expert resources for a story you are working on, please don't hesitate to contact me.

digita I think I know about this site.  My friend Mary Furlong had a wee bit to do with it

gb nh Nigel Hollis is Chief Global Analyst at Millward Brown and author of the upcoming book, THE GLOBAL BRAND: How to Create and Develop Lasting Brand Value in the World Market … The book explains the key differences between developed and emerging markets, how brands can leverage their company's scale without getting lost in it, as well as what global companies can do when they're up against brands with built in local advantage … If you'd like to interview Nigel …

No need to interview Nigel.  I hang out on his blog – and can ask him any question I want over there.  The book certainly looks like something I’ll be sticking my nose in soon.

aw Hi Chuck,
I stumbled upon your site and was thrilled that I did … I'm also a writer with a one-man ad shop and gray hair. I'll return to your site often … to get a kick out of lines like, "One of Chuck's favorite activities is writing about himself in the third person." Ha!

A fun portfolio to flip through

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