13 September 2008

Second Life: Advertising Gone Wrong

It's fun - and often a shock - to unearth ether about yourself.  The best part is finding out that what you've been saying over and over for the last four or five years is resonating, bouncing around in nooks you never knew about.

secondlife Second Life isn't for me.  I have enough trouble harnessing my frazzled alpha persona. It gets in trouble, causes trouble, has horrifying real and virtual adventures, feeds the dog and cat at least once every day. That's enough excitement for it.   

I did try to join Second Life awhile back - but all the sample avatars (unless I need an eye test) seemed to me to be thirty or so years younger than my good ol' real self.  It was too jarring, anointing Yours Truly as a twentysomething.  It'd be sort of like me putting up this Polaroid on my blog profile:

Christopher Christopher Simpson, better known as Holman Tibbett - or Holman Tibbett, better known as Christopher Simpson, I'm not sure which - penned a piece for The Metaverse Messenger (PDF), a colorful newspaper dedicated to Second Life.  It's been revirtualized (and is easier to find and read) on Christopher's blog, Ad Nauseam:

Second Life's not-so-secret treasure
MM Marketers have been searching for the treasure rumored to exist within Second Life for many years now, and still there are precious few who have peered within and, when asked if they can see anything, respond by saying, “Yes, wonderful things.” ... Second Life, by and large, isn’t a playground for the young. But you’d hardly know it from the marketing forays.

My quotes show up in a scroll or two.  Again, kind of fun for me because what I know about Second Life can fit on the head of a pixel.

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