15 July 2008

Too busy to blog.

And I will be for a week or two.  So read some other blogs:

REI Brent Green screams about small fonts and even smaller minds at REI.

I like this post by Mark Miller because I talk about the same stuff in my presentations:

What’s interesting here is that most traditional media continues to run away from valuable older audiences.

I likewise talk about what Carol Orsborn is ranting about:

carolorsborn I wonder how many marketers get lost in the forest of the 50+ wilderness of nuances and terminologies, decide that these demographics don’t respond to advertising and decide to target their efforts to younger consumers?

Dick Stroud is fiddling with Google Ad Planner.  I signed up - but don't have the patience.

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn starts off talking about the Ad Age piece by Peter Francese - and ends up talking about my book.

Carol at MarketingHerbs likes the first four chapters of my book.  I warn her to stop reading.

Matt Thornhill will rag on me if I don't link to him.

ObsessiveBRandingDisorder and ...

Lucas Conley says he's sending me a copy of his book.  Do you think I'll like it?

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