08 July 2008

A Baby Boomer Model & Actor


Dotsie BregelChuck,

My friend Dotsie Bregel, Founder of The National Association of Baby Boomer Women, emailed me your Advertising to Baby Boomers URL.

I, too, have a great interest in the Baby Boomer world. I am a Baby Boomer model & actor. In 2005, I began my 'new career' after coming to grips with an empty nest! Ha! How do I say....'Life' intervened with marriage, my graduating college, my dietetics career, raising 2 sons, and following my husband's career which included living in Russia 3 years. So I brushed up my resume, my headshot, began acting classes and discovered ... I was in demand.

Connie MaynordIn 2006 I posed for MORE magazine - a product ad which was published in two issues. I just wrapped a featured character in a film in Austin, TX. I now reside in Nashville and look forward working here.

So happy to know WE are being promoted!!! Thank you for all your work and support.

Connie Maynord
cbmaynord (at) hotmail (dot) com

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