11 July 2008

The Silver Market Phenomenon Set For September Release

springerThe Silver Market Phenomenon
Business Opportunities in an Era of Demographic Change

smp The current shift in demographics – aging and shrinking populations – in many countries around the world presents a major challenge to companies and societies alike. One particularly essential implication is the emergence and constant growth of the so called "Silver market", the market segment more or less broadly defined as those people aged 55 and older. Increasing in number and share of the total population while at the same time being relatively well-off, this market segment can be seen as very attractive and promising, although still very underdeveloped in terms of product and service offerings.

I contributed a chapter to the book.

To support the release, there will be an International Symposium in Tokyo:

This first-ever global forum unlocks the secrets of the silver market phenomenon and focuses on innovation, product and service development, technology management, marketing and business models for the 50+ market.

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