09 July 2008

Generation BUY

You probably should skim a recent Viacom press release.  There's not much new there - and what made me chuckle was that they admit that there's not much new.  Nothing like a press release about nothing new:


Breadwinning Boomers Responsible for Multi-Generational Brand Decisions, TV Land's 'Generation BUY' Study Finds

It's all tied to a new survey commissioned by TV Land.  They learned that there's nothing new.  So, I guess that's new.

Mostly it's stuff I've been saying for years (as have others).  I did choke over their slicing and dicing of Boomer cohorts:

Study Reveals Three Boomer Spending Traits: "Promiscuous Purchasers," "Free Agent Shoppers" and "Savvy Switchers".

Reminding me of this old, moldy post of mine:

It seems that every time a marketing firm decides to specialize in Baby Boomers, we get more "strange tribal groups." It's quite an odd phenomenon. With tongue firmly in cheek, I warned about this in my book - predicting that eventually they'd come up with 76 million cohorts.

ladyTV And their old, new survey reminded me of this new, old survey.

I guess it's like the old saying, "If you don't have anything new to say, say it over and over again." 

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