07 February 2008

The Tale of Two Conferences

I mention a certain European country a lot in this blog. There are all sorts of reasons for this. Go ahead and pick one.

Now I'm mentioning it again because my good friend and colleague Brent Green is headed back there for a marketing conference. I'm jealous.

And I love the monochrome design for the pics on the web site. (Click "Sprekers" when you get there.) Brent is quite the handsome rascal - circa-1900 - don't you think? (If I'd been the designer, he'd be sporting a handlebar moustache.)

As far as international speaking engagements this year for Yours Truly, there's only one I've been invited to so far (but it's early) - Japan in October:
The Silver Market Phenomenon: Business Opportunities and Responsibilities in an Era of Demographic Change


Konrad Osterwalder
United Nations University
Tokyo (UNU) Japan

Chihiro Watanabe
Tokyo Institute of Technology
(TokyoTech) Japan

Cornelius Herstatt
Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
(TUHH) Germany

Florian Kohlbacher
German Institute for Japanese Studies
(DIJ) Japan

Associate Partner:
World Demographic Association (WDA)

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