02 October 2007

The European Speaking Tour (maybe Part I)

I'm finally back from the European Speaking/Consulting Tour sponsored by Bayard Presse, PLUS Magazines, and Roularta Media Group.

I guess you don't need a play-by-play. It was a success, Carol Orsborn and Brent Green were a notch above top-notch, our hosts treated us like Royalty everywhere we went, and my more-significant-than-I-am other had the time of her life as tourist and part-time nanny for the three prima donnas.

Carol is blogging about it all, so keep up with her musings. I'm sure Brent will also have a bunch to say when he returns and has some time.

I'll skip the travelogue, and only mention business stuff. The two most impressive things for me in Europe:
1) These incredibly dedicated, talented, hard-working, creative people I met, socialized, and worked with from all the companies, all the PLUS Magazines (along with Vi Over 60 and Notre Temps). I'm still reeling from being around such energy and artistry.

2) The 50+ Fair in Utrecht, Netherlands. Impossible to describe. Attendance over five days was just shy of 100,000. Almost 600 exhibits/booths. Seriously - I can't describe it. It was like everything I've been talking about for the last five years physically washing over and overwhelming me. The web site also doesn't do it justice. It can't. You had to be there.
A few bloggers have commented (but you may have a tough time reading their posts) - and the feedback from the attendees has been positive and enlightening. I still haven't answered all of them - and they keep piling into my inbox.


  1. Thanks, Chuck! Europe will never be the same, that's for sure! My major take-away from this "boomer experts gone wild" in Europe is this: how much passion there is for the subject matter--both amongst presenters and audience. Brent, you and I were as much missionaries as marketers, with true believers understanding that there is hope for people over 40--even marketers! Trust me, faithful readers of Chuck, he had his hoards of middle aged male groupies, and I was surrounded by weeping (with gratitude) female midlifers. Brent got a bunch of the others. How many times in one's career does one get to be a revolutionary? This is the subject--and the hour is upon us! And by the way, kudos to your significant other Pat. We wouldn't have had the fun (or made half the flights!) without her!

  2. Thank you Chuck, and Carol and Brent ofcourse. Together the 3 of you covered the basic principles of 'boomermarketing' and you were an inspiration for the audience in Holland. It was great meeting you personally. I do hope we'll get a chance to exchange opinions and cases in the future as there wasn't much room for long talks with all the different participants on your busy trip.
    The Plus people did an excellent job on the organization and hopefully there will be a follow-up sometime.
    You have given our message more weight and I will keep you in the loop as to any developments in Holland in this area.
    Once again thank you for your time and inspiration and keep up the good work.


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