24 October 2007

Outsmart the MBA Clones

While digitally thumbing through my publisher's latest interactive catalogue, I chuckled at the title of an upcoming release:
Outsmart the MBA Clones
Why is so much of today's marketing, strategy, and branding alike? … Most marketers, brand managers, and competitive strategists are MBA graduates who think and operate in a typical manner--you might call them MBA Clones. This book will show you the tools and rules to outsmart your competitors' predicable MBA-Clone marketing …
My brother is the marketing manager for a pretty good-sized irrigation company, and is always telling me horror stories about MBAs marching in (just like on the cover) and mucking up everything.

I haven't read Outsmart the MBA Clones - but reviews of a few other books may be coming:

One tome is a real treat.

Another may be reviewed because I'm on 'the list' of a few PR/Publicity firms. I usually say "No", but for this one I said "Maybe" - meaning they can send it, if I like it I'll review it, and if I don't I'll ignore it.

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