27 July 2007

Radio has new interest in music boomers like

I read a version of this article a few weeks ago on The Washington Post site – but this one’s better:

Radio has new interest in music boomers like
When it comes to television advertisers, you are a non-person at 50. Radio gives you until 55. But the times they may be a-changing. In the youth obsessed advertising world, the sought-after magic demographic for TV is 18-49. When it comes to radio, 25-54 is the mantra. Since radio programmers try to deliver what advertisers want, that means formats aimed at baby boomers and seniors fell by the wayside.
As usual, nothing much new in the article. It’s my book, my blog, my consulting, my speaking for the last three or four years.

Two years ago a top Public Relations professional contacted me about radio, Baby Boomers, and a great idea. We tried to get something going - but he and his partner were ahead of their time. Now, it’s a hot topic.

Related: Here's Yours Truly and AARP’s Chief Brand Officer mixing it up a bit on an NPR program. I blogged about it afterwards.

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  1. Chuck,

    It may still happen. Thanks for believing then...and now.



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