13 July 2007

Direct Marketing To Baby Boomers

Nancy Arter of RRW Consulting in Redondo Beach talks about my book in the company blog:
“Savvy direct marketers are learning how to more effectively communicate with this large group of consumers so they can cash in with them -- and get some of that $2 trillion applied to their bottom line. In fact, a new book has been released to help direct marketers and advertisers do just that. Advertising to Baby Boomers by Chuck Nyren, a veteran creative strategist, explains how to approach this important demographic … This book is a great resource for all of us in understanding the uniqueness of this large group of potential and/or current customers …”
Recently I addressed an eclectic group of Direct Marketers. They were very receptive to what I had to say. I certainly hope it was helpful.

Thanks again, Nancy – for your kind words.

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