23 July 2007

50+ International Gathering Week

People, organizations, and event planners are always emailing me to promote their this or that. I usually decline unless I know something about it - or I'm involved somehow.

This one came from Portugal, and looks interesting:

From 5 to 7 of October, a combination of leisure and scientific activities will involve:

* Cultural events and travel experiences, from 5 to 7 October
* Interactive Meeting and Conference, 8 and 9 of October
* First International Canvas Art Contest, Winner announcement: 9 of October

These will be an exchange-orientated event. Participants (either professionals and people over 50 years) will have the opportunity to explore new networking possibilities and share innovative ideas that can made the difference to a succeeded ageing. Simultaneously we are promoting the First International Canvas Art Contest, to reward the artistic potential of people 50 plus.

Language interpreted: Portuguese and English. French and German Translation still under negotiation.
I have nothing to do with it - so no implied endorsement.

However, I will be in Europe in September - and speaking (privately or publicly, I'm not sure which) at this event:

Click the "heir" link for a video

More about it later.

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