23 May 2007

Disney Does Something Smart

Disney is putting together an interactive video-on-demand travel channel:
The channel will include original programs, including reality shows, episodic programs, concerts and special events highlighting Disney's domestic theme parks in Florida and California as well as its adventure travel business.

The shows will be offered free to viewers and will include interactive features, including the ability to request more information using buttons on the TV remote control.
Good move. I talked about doing long-form commercials over two years ago in my book. The chapter is available as a PDF on The Advertising Educational Foundation's web site.

And here's a fellow speaking about the travel industry and Baby Boomers - mirroring much of what I said over three years ago:
Another key trend in today's travel industry is that tour groups are getting smaller, especially as travelers move toward more special interest activities … Lacy noted that the days of seeing 50 people getting off a motor coach are slowly fading away, and modes of transportation such as RVs, bikes, minivans, trains and planes are becoming just as important.
Below are the first few paragraphs of the article - courtesy of The Way Back Machine:

You'll find a chapter about travel in the 2007 edition of my book. Who knows, I may have predicted a bunch of other stuff. We'll have to wait and see.

P.S. I don't use a crystal ball. Just common sense.

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