06 March 2007

Learn The Secrets of Web Marketing to Older Consumers

50+ marketing guru Dick Stroud will be featured on a Microsoft Office Live Web Seminar this Wednesday:
March 7: Learn secrets of Web marketing to older consumers

Dick Stroud, author of "The 50-Plus Market," will reveal how your company can adapt its marketing to target the increasing number of older people using the Web to transact business. Since older people are one of the wealthiest consumer groups, you won't want to miss this seminar.

Seminar topic: Web Marketing to an Older Market
Seminar date: March 7, 2007
Time: 9:00 A.M. PST
I’ll be working with Dick in a few weeks. We've been booked at a three-day gathering in New York City for two major media and publishing companies in Europe. Executives, advertising/marketing principals, and clients will be flying across the pond (as will Mr. Stroud). I’ll probably post a bit more about it in a week or so. But not much more, since it’s private. Maybe I'll toss up bios of the other consultants and speakers.

Sign up for this very public and very free Web Seminar. If you miss it, my guess is that eventually it will show up as a complimentary download.

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