21 March 2007

Interview on Ronni Bennett's Time Goes By

Thanks to Ronni Bennett for interviewing me on her blog Time Goes By.

It’s no surprise that Ms. Bennett has the number one 50+ blog, what with her professional background in media and journalism. It usually takes someone like that to make a web site interesting and relevant. (I don't even want to tell you how influential Time Goes By is - I'm jealous.)
"...the dean of older bloggers"
- AARP Bulletin

"...the quintessential seniors' blog"
- Senior Bank of Internet

"...the best logo and header of any blog I've seen"
- Jay Rosen, PressThink

"...Ronni Bennett does a great job of demystifying the later years of life"
- Guardian UK
And the comments by Ronni's readers are as fun and vital as her posts. Time Goes By is a true virtual community.

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