16 March 2007

Enough with baby-boomer predictions

I haven’t been posting lately for two reasons:

One, I need to complete a couple of projects by next Wednesday – then hop on a red-eye to The Big Apple for a private speaking/consulting assignment. It’s a two-day event for two major media/publishing firms based in Europe. Last I heard, forty-five people will be jumping the puddle to attend.

And two, every time I want to post about something, Dick Stroud beats me to it. It’s no fair. I’m in Seattle, he’s in England – so he’s eight hours ahead of me. I wake up bright and early every morning, scan the news, and if I find a juicy story to write about Dick has already covered it. Scroll through his March posts.

For example, I had the same reaction as Dick to this article:
Enough with baby-boomer predictions
I have a confession. As one member of that massively over-analyzed generation referred to as the baby boomers, I have seen enough of the think-tank studies, marketing campaigns and budgetary projections generated regarding our future … I would rather watch cartoons on Nickelodeon than one more television stint of Dennis Hopper’s beach commercial telling us that we are not living our parents’ retirement. Dennis, after all, at age 70, should more properly be selling to our parents anyway.
And it’s so silly to not be able to run those brilliant Pro-Age spots.

Dick will be in New York for the same event - and while there I'll try to convince him to sleep in from now on. Lying in bed for nine or ten hours is what I need from him - so I can have something to write about every so often.

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