09 March 2007

2007 Edition of Advertising to Baby Boomers Updated and in Paperback

The updated and revised 2007 edition of Advertising to Baby Boomers is now available - and it's a paperback.

The book launch at The Boomer Business Summit was a major success. Already I've received a handful of emails from readers.

It's available directly from the Publisher - Paramount Books - and should be on Amazon.com and B&N in a few weeks.

Here’s a PDF of the front/back cover.

Odd story about the cover. After seeing the original mock-up I suggested using a Jitterbug - the cell phone that’s being marketed to Baby Boomers (big screen, big buttons). The book designer (the wondrous Anne Kilgore) called the company to ask permission. Jitterbug hemmed and hawed, didn’t get back in time for the print run – never called back.

While talking to my publishers about it all, they told me that another recently published book of theirs had a mock-up cover with something on it that needed permission. When they asked, the marketing director was elated, gave permission immediately, sent Paramount a high-res graphic – and bought two-dozen copies in advance to use for product and company promotion.

Odd, odd, odd. Free publicity, your product out there in places it might not normally be — but no.

However, being the magnanimous sort - here's a picture of their phone.

Read reviews of the book.

March 25 2007 Update: Now available on Amazon.com

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  1. That story about the phone not making it onto the cover is weird. What a lost opportunity.


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