29 August 2006

What'sNext Magazine

I've been accused of gynocentrism because of a few recent posts.

Guilty as charged. Or just think of it as a guilty pleasure.

Businessweek has something to say about my misplaced affections:
Largely forgotten are the millions of boomer dads, who shop a lot more than their fathers or grandfathers ever did.
And over a year ago my publishers were looking for a writer to put together a book about marketing to men. I don't think they found anybody. Too bad. Someone could have been ahead of the curve.

So to make this blog fair and balanced, here's a magazine targeting Baby Boomer men:
The mission of What's Next Media is to inform and inspire men who are seeking to build a bigger, more fulfilling life. What's Next will address a wide range of topics central to the challenges and opportunities facing men during their middle years.
What'sNext magazine is due out in January 2007. The web site already has some content. Personally, I'm not drooling over its content - but that's just me. Baby Boomer men are a varied group. I'm sure lots of them will eat it up. And perhaps I'll find it tasty eventually - maybe when I can pick it up with both hands and chomp down on it.

There is a large market for all sorts of magazines and web sites targeting Baby Boomers. If I were putting together a magazine for Baby Boomer men, I'd make it a bit more open, freewheelin', disassembled around the edges. I'd have profiles about Boomers doing just about anything, humor and fiction pieces in each issue, original art and graphics, give it a more earthy personality, maybe even an outrageous personality (or a hint of one) — with less focus on the aspirational. Baby Boomers don't need to be prodded.

But that would be my magazine. What'sNext is another magazine (and a real one, unlike mine) - and it looks like it might be a good one. That's because the writers are top-notch. Much, much better than the bland ones scribbling away at a recently tossed up web site that I've already blogged about too many times.

You can get a free copy of the premiere issue of What'sNext by filling out this form.

And I'll be interested in soaking up the look and feel of the ads. I might even hold them up to the mirror, because:
According to Leo Burnett, 79% of American men say they can barely recognize themselves in advertisements.

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