25 August 2006

Boomer Broads with Attitude

Hot on the heels of my Hot Flash Café post comes an invite to the premiere of a new radio show:
To: nyrenagency
Subject: media request

Hi Mr. Nyren,

I am the booker-producer for a new radio show in Boston MA USA, 'Boomer Broads with Attitude' and I'm writing to ask if you could possibly join us on September 17 for the kickoff of the show. Anne Marie Aigner and Janet Prensky are the principals of a very successful marketing firm in Boston, Aigner Associates, with much media experience. We are fans of your blog.

… We wondered if you'd be available to call in for a 6 - 10 minute spot to talk about your work — advertising to Baby Boomers and the challenges, the rewards, and the specifics.

Thanks much,
(LM) for Boomer Broads with Attitude, WBIX Radio in Boston MA
Shows like this will be popping up all over the place in the next few years. 'Like this' meaning a variety of programs that target Baby Boomers, male and female.

This one sounds like it'll be fun. And I'm partial to boomer broads with attitude. Of course, in my younger years I could handle two or three or even four BBWAs at once, easy. But nowadays I'm not so sure. I'll have to get myself a personal trainer, work out, psych myself up by September 17th.

27 Sept 2006: More about Boomer Broads with Attitude.

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