29 June 2006

SportsBusiness Journal's Bill King: Trying To Catch The Wave

SportsBusiness Journal's Bill King penned the trade magazine's feature report this week - and it's all about Baby Boomers:
Trying To Catch The Wave
"In the past, marketers have thought of age 50 the way the explorers used to think of the horizon: Sail beyond it and you tumble from the face of the earth. Older consumers were seen as set in their ways. Since they wouldn't change brands or try new ones, there was no point in spending money advertising to them."
Because I'm quoted in the article, SportsBusiness Journal has permitted this blog to link to Bill King's In-Depth Report. (In other words, feel special. You have to be a subscriber to get to it any other way.)

And it's overflowing with valuable marketing data. Check out all the research at the end. Here's my favorite.

Back to the beginning of the article — Spyder Wright also revealed this in his email to me:
"I was the East Coast Champion in 1979 & 1980 and went on to be a finalist in the U.S. Surfing Championships in Hawaii during those same years."
Still out there banging around in the waves at age 62. Amazing.

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