08 June 2006

Selling Universal Design to Baby Boomers

I have a new article on The Mature Market web site:
Universal Design is a great blueprint (as a metaphor and in reality) for planned communities, individual units, and any combination thereof. However, a delicate touch is needed when marketing UD to a healthy, vital demographic.
Already the piece is receiving positive feedback. Here's one from The Rolling Rains Report, a fun and informative blog "Precipitating Dialogue on Travel, Disability, and Universal Design."

Wander around Mr. Rains' blog. The caricature on the right says it all. Not much is holding back Scott from having a rousing time when he travels (and I bet not much holds him back from doing anything). Read more about Scott.

Selling Universal Design to Baby Boomers is part one of a two part series. In the next article I'll talk about my presentation at The National Association of Homebuilders 50+ Housing Symposium last April in Phoenix. What was one of their major concerns? The concept of "aging in place."

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