06 June 2006

Jack La Lanne & Chuck

I was a guest on Geezer Radio this week. It's a rollicking podcast with gifted media veterans Dudley Carpenter and Marty Davis.

I'd been listening to the show for a few weeks - and knew I'd have to ramp it up. These guys were quick, sharp, funny.

What I wasn't prepared for was Jack La Lanne. At ninety-two years old he was quicker, sharper, and funnier than us snot-nosed kids (and we were pretty good).

Dudley and Marty and Geezer Radio. They'll all be on the air soon and no doubt syndicated.

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  1. Dear Chuck: Thanks for your comments about GR. And thanks again for your wonderful appearance! I see many future on- air chats with you! My crystal ball agrees with your prediction. Couldn't come a moment too soon!


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