13 July 2007

Direct Marketing To Baby Boomers

Nancy Arter of RRW Consulting in Redondo Beach talks about my book in the company blog:
“Savvy direct marketers are learning how to more effectively communicate with this large group of consumers so they can cash in with them -- and get some of that $2 trillion applied to their bottom line. In fact, a new book has been released to help direct marketers and advertisers do just that. Advertising to Baby Boomers by Chuck Nyren, a veteran creative strategist, explains how to approach this important demographic … This book is a great resource for all of us in understanding the uniqueness of this large group of potential and/or current customers …”
Recently I addressed an eclectic group of Direct Marketers. They were very receptive to what I had to say. I certainly hope it was helpful.

Thanks again, Nancy – for your kind words.

10 July 2007

Sleepy Baby Boomer Internet Villages

If you’ve been eyeing this blog over the last 2+ years, you know that I’m not a big fan of general interest social networking sites for Baby Boomers. Here’s an excerpt from my book:

There are so many now that I can’t keep up with them. And they’re all the same. I get emails practically every week from people wanting me to visit and blog about their new, wonderful site just for Baby Boomers:
“… While we don’t have ten million dollars like Eons, we think that our site is better.”
What an accomplishment.
“… ***** began to form in my marketing subconscious … a warm, friendly, inviting village where Baby Boomers could come to relax and find information about the subjects of interest to them. ****** would have different "streets" within the village … a visitor would choose a street according to their need or interest. Lifestyle, Money, Health, Community, Current Events, Today's World and Fun & Games have each earned a spot as one of *****'s streets.”
Aren’t there about a hundred of these make believe and they make me sleepy internet villages already?
“ … I have built a fun and progressive environment that enhances our Members' abilities to Connect, Learn, and Explore. The Premier Internet Destination for Ages 50 & Up.”
Add the mission statement above to this list.

If you haven’t guessed already - it’s all about money. They think Baby Boomers with 2 Trillion dollars spending power - and the 3000-ring circus begins.

There are a few I like - like Growing Bolder. That’s because it’s off-beat and nutty, chock full of videos and audio podcasts culled from the Growing Bolder radio program. It’s different. They’re passionate. (And although the folks running it don’t like to hear this – it’s not really a social networking site.)

06 July 2007

Working for a Life, Not a Living

Todd Harff, President of Creating Results, has penned an important piece in the latest issue of 50+ Housing Magazine:

Working For A Life (Not A Living!)

Todd chats with a handful of Boomers who have moved into adult communities and have no use for shuffleboard or canasta. They are not only working – but in some cases are working as hard as they ever have.

And they’re enjoying it:

I wrote about this Baby Boomer zeitgeist in my book. Mr. Harff has his own ‘in the trenches’ insights - and they're great ones:

Todd also speaks at various 50+ business conferences around the country. If you’re at one and he’s conducting a breakout session or workshop, sign up.

05 July 2007

Set of Two Boomer Marketing Books

Amazon.com often pairs my book with Brent Green's excellent Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers for a special discount.

Our publisher is doing the same thing - but for about $11.00 less:

Amazon.com: $51.07
Paramount Books: $39.95
Set of Two Boomer Marketing Books
Item #: 1027
Get baby boomer marketing and advertising advice in one money-saving package. Buy both books together and save 25%.

Download PMP's latest catalog (PDF)

02 July 2007

If It’s Wednesday, This Must Be Belgium

More later on a whirlwind European tour I'm booked for in September. Ten days in six countries: Sweden, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain.

Most of the seminars are not open to the public - but this one is:
Senior citizens: a growing market
Over 50s, baby boomers, the charmed generation ... Just some of the many names for consumers with high purchasing power and often lavish spending patterns. What are the trends in this market? How can marketers better promote their products and services to this consumer category? Is it one category or many different categories? These and other questions will be answered by a panel of expert speakers.
The speakers.