28 October 2005


The other day I had a spirited chat with Pete Gammell, Editor/Producer for Seattle's KIRO 710. Then he fashioned my ramblings into something worth listening to (along with adding his own astute comments). The 'special report' aired a bunch of times on Thursday, October 27th.

My segment is here.

Go ahead. Click it. It's only 90 seconds.

24 October 2005

Top Trade Magazine Orders 100 Copies of Advertising to Baby Boomers

One of the top weekly advertising trade magazines has purchased 100 copies of Advertising to Baby Boomers to offer as premiums for new subscriptions and renewals. Yes, my publishers told me which one—but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to name names (yet). If you read the trades you'll find out soon enough. The magazine may order more copies if the promotion is a success.

Paramount Market Publishing is also looking into foreign rights. The book is being talked about and lugged around in England, Australia, and Canada.

October 30th addendum: The word is out. It's ADWEEK. My thanks to all involved at Adweek and VNU Business Publications USA.

21 October 2005

New Book: Dick Stroud's The 50-Plus Market

Dick Stroud's new book The 50-Plus Market is getting rousing reviews. No doubt Kogan Page is thrilled:
"A thoughtful, well-researched and thorough exploration of the 50 plus market. Every marketer should read this book." — John Pickett, Head of Market & Media Research, Saga
It was an honor for me to make a small contribution between the covers.

Word is out that in December The 50-Plus Market will be available on this side of the pond.

18 October 2005

Boomer Century

Here's a pretty good cover story from American Heritage by Joshua Zeitz.

We'll be seeing a lot of Baby Boomers media coverage in January. That's when (technically) the first ones start turning sixty.

I'm champing at the bit, waiting for this one by Leonard Steinhorn.

October 30th addendum
: Read Brent Green's review of The Greater Generation

14 October 2005


I'm no Geezer Jock. A bit of golf and hour-long bike rides on a very flat trail three or four times a week is about it for me. I am thinking of taking up tennis again after a ten-year layoff—but doubles only. Or I'd die.

Even without yours truly joining their huffing and puffing ranks, there are a lot of Geezer Jocks. Millions. And a magazine for them:
Our mission is to cover the new and active way of growing old in America. No longer are people settling for shuffleboard. Or mall walking. Or deep knee bends. They are running track, playing baseball - yes, hardball! - and even surfing well into their 60s and beyond. In print and online, GeezerJock celebrates the regenerative power of sports, activity and competition.
Certainly GeezerJock is something media planners and buyers should be running after. It's a perfect target market for just about any product or service.

Related: An inspirational documentary not about penguins.

Update Dec 22, '05: Read this piece about GeezerJock by Lisa Granatstein in MEDIAWEEK.