14 October 2005


I'm no Geezer Jock. A bit of golf and hour-long bike rides on a very flat trail three or four times a week is about it for me. I am thinking of taking up tennis again after a ten-year layoff—but doubles only. Or I'd die.

Even without yours truly joining their huffing and puffing ranks, there are a lot of Geezer Jocks. Millions. And a magazine for them:
Our mission is to cover the new and active way of growing old in America. No longer are people settling for shuffleboard. Or mall walking. Or deep knee bends. They are running track, playing baseball - yes, hardball! - and even surfing well into their 60s and beyond. In print and online, GeezerJock celebrates the regenerative power of sports, activity and competition.
Certainly GeezerJock is something media planners and buyers should be running after. It's a perfect target market for just about any product or service.

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Update Dec 22, '05: Read this piece about GeezerJock by Lisa Granatstein in MEDIAWEEK.

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  1. Chuck,

    What a coincidence! I just finished reading your excellent new book, "Advertising to Baby Boomers." I think I need to buy about 100 copies and send them to the agencies we deal with.

    We are experiencing just about every stereotypical reaction from 20-something agency media buyers you can imagine.

    With a few notable agency-side exceptions, our success to date--and there's still a long way for us to go--has been finding Boomer athletes in the marketing departments at clients who then direct the agency to deal with us. Or better yet, we've found a couple of forward-thinking advertisers--Michelob Ultra and 3M come to mind--who handle their media buying in-house and are aggressively targeting the active Boomer market.

    As a start-up magazine, we are also dealing with the usual media plan objections, primarily that our circ (75,000 rate base for 2006) is to small to move the needle on reach for the really big clients.

    So, in the short term we feel our real growth potential is in the smaller and medium sized companies who are marketing products directly to our audience.

    If anyone reading this does want to reach the healthiest, most vibrant portion of the best demographic ever, please drop me a line at breilly@geezerjock.com.

    Chuck, thanks for the kind words about GeezerJock and keep up the great work!


    Brian Reilly
    Publisher, GeezerJock magazine


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