IMI - Istanbul - Turkey

In March 2010 I was in Istanbul conducting a day-long workshop/presentation.  My posts about the experience, along with thoughts about Turkey and the world economy:

Back from Istanbul.
There are 15 million people living in Istanbul – and I think I saw all of them.
And met about two dozen of the brightest.

Back From Istanbul: Part Two
Most attendees were from the country’s thriving, boisterous financial sector.

Back From Istanbul: Part Three
European ads and graphics used in the presentation.

Back From Istanbul: Part Four
Video and slide grabs from my presentation covering the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia

Turkey: A Bright Star In The Region
Turkey is a vibrant, economic powerhouse – especially  the financial sector.  There will be no stopping them (not that you’d want to). 

Turkey: Tiptoeing Across The Bosphorus  
I do my best to keep this blog apolitical and focused on international advertising and marketing to Baby Boomers. A warning: I’ll be tiptoeing across The Bosphorus with this one.

Entrepreneurs & Baby Boomers VI: Turkey
With a thriving economy and ties to Arab and European countries, Turkey just might be a place for adventurous Boomer entrepreneurs.

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