28 November 2017

Smartphone Ads = Silly Graphical Doodads

NostraChuckus is having a good year.

imageThe famed Soothsayer and advertising gadfly has been startling the world for nigh on a decade with his mundane prognostications. Over the last eleven months, he’s been featured in nearly every other post.

Add this one to the list.

How Often Do Consumers Intentionally Click Mobile Ads?
by Rimma Kats Nov 28, 2017
image… A new survey found that most consumers say they rarely or never mean to click on ads served up on their phones …

… Baby boomers were the least likely to engage with mobile ads. Nearly a quarter said they never did, while another 49% said they rarely did so. Just 4% said they clicked on a mobile ad at least somewhat often.

From May 2010:

image… The more people use smartphones, the less they’ll tolerate silly graphical doodads mucking up their small  screens ... Advertising on smartphones will be considered an annoyance, invasive, and rather dinky …

25 September 2012
Twitter & Advertising
… The mobile/social media soothsayers will have you believe that there is this unknown, magical mode of persuasion that has never been thought of before – and will reveal itself any day now.

If you believe that, I have a Blackberry in Brooklyn I want to sell you …

28 August 2013
Tablets & The Magic of Muggles
… Banner ads have been a washout, social media marketing is a cesspool, advertising on smartphones is not only teensy-weensy but competes with activity (talking/texting, apps, simple search).

04 November 2013
Smartphones & Tablets, Apples & Oranges
… Advertising on smartphones? Only if you think something half the size of a matchbook cover will catch and hold anybody’s attention …

image22 September 2015
Marketing Miscellanea
… Baby boomers also had a highly negative response to mobile ads ... Fewer than 8% said they were likely to purchase a product advertised on their mobile phone … Overall, just 5.2% were interested in receiving ads on their phone at all …

imageThere are more. But NostraChuckusCrystal Ball of Common Sense is getting hazy now.