14 October 2013

Carmakers should be marketing their hybrids to…

Big surprise:

Carmakers should be marketing their hybrids to … baby boomers
imageCar companies have long pitched their rides to the young, but the biggest buyers of hybrid cars in the US are the 60-plus set…

The study found that these buyers most valued the pride and prestige of driving an environmentally responsible car…

As usual, I wonder why this is news:

21 December 2007
Green Boomers
Green boomers are more attuned to advertising, both positively and negatively. They pay attention to ads for products they plan to buy, but are more critical and therefore are more likely to believe there is not much truth in advertising. They also wish that advertising included more real product information to help make decisions.

How long have I been saying that? I wrote articles about it four years ago, must have posted about it here twenty times over the last 2½ years…

17 February 2011
Green Boomers Redux
… A few of these Green toy companies might get the smarts – and market their products directly to Baby Boomer grandparents.

16 May 2008
Coming Boom in Boomer-Friendly Transport
My point three years ago was that Baby Boomers were buying up those mid-priced boxy cars (even though they were being marketed to college kids and twenty-somethings) because they were easy to get in and out of, easy to see out of, and some had large dashboards that were easy to read. So why not build cars with these and more features for older drivers?

Along with ‘green’ – the auto industry had better retool with an eye on the 50+ market.

12 March 2009
Who’s gonna buy this car?


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