22 October 2013

A few TV spots.

CMOs/Ad Agencies are sort of getting the message. Not that they quite know what to do with it after getting it, but efforts are being made. What a shock not to be portrayed as sick, daft, vapid, immature or stupid in any of these ads.

Oscar Mayer:

Cute, sassy. Not sure why this fellow would make fun of a male teenager with long hair.  This ignorance creates a queasy cognizant dissonance for folks fifty to seventy and thereabouts.

Tide Washing Pods:

Not sure why these two have to be retired.  They could simply have busy lives, appreciate the convenience.  It’s as if the advertisers are embarrassed using older folks in a commercial and feel the need to apologize and explain why.  You see, they’re retired.  Now it makes sense.


Age-neutral targeting starring Boomers (unlike another one).  A simple, clever campaign making everybody aware of T-Mobile’s global coverage plans.  I laughed out loud at this one:

Overall, pretty good spots.  A few tweaks from some or more older creatives would have helped.