13 September 2012

The Déjà Vu News

Sometimes I think my browser is playing tricks on me.  Twilight Zone tricks.  Or Google is on the fritz, spitting out news stories from the past.  Some recent headlines:
Boomers Are The Most Valuable Generation For Marketers

Baby Boomers Are A Lucrative Marketing Demographic

Retailers Target Grey Spending Power

Baby Boomers Consider Next Housing Move

Boomers Are Not Like Your Grandparents

Baby Boomers Discover Grandparenting

More Boomers Aspire To Careers With Social Purpose

Baby boomers Are Starting Up Businesses

Hindenburg Explodes In Mid-Air

OK, I’m lying about the last one.  It’s not a recent headline.  But  to me it doesn’t seem any older than the others.

No links to these because everything has been said before in this blog, my book – and in other places by other marketing and advertising folks who talk about Baby Boomers. Why have you choke on regurgitated reportage?  Always go to the sources.  Scroll and click around over on the left.   

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